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Creative Real Estate

Multifamily Investments 

Consistent Focus on Multifamily Residential
CRE Multifamily was founded in 2011 on the premise that repositioning Class B apartment communities presents a tremendous value proposition for investors. We unlock the potential in these properties through tailored renovation, repositioning strategies, and focused asset management.

Since our founding, we have acquired 21 properties and have 9 assets under management.

We are a privately held company.  CRE is and Alaskan real estate firm with offices in Colorado, with a history of demonstrating financial security and stability.
Heading 6
Heading 6
Modern Apartment
Track Record

An Active Investor with Diverse Leadership Experience
We are one of the highly active multifamily investors. We manage a $3.1M portfolio of 31 units across prime locations.

We continue to expand our reach and portfolio by selectively acquiring, renovating, and effectively managing multifamily properties.

Proven Leadership
Each member of our leadership team has years of experience in management, real estate, investment, finance, construction, asset and property management. We rely on our team of dedicated employees to grow and refine our offering and knowledge base.


Our Experience
$3.1M portfolio under management

31 units under management 

100+ years in combined leadership experience
Modern Housing

Our mission is to be the preeminent multifamily investment platform by providing workforce America with affordable high-quality rental homes, while adhering to our core principles of integrity, discipline, and dependability.

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Our Community

Integration, Transparency, and Communication.
CRE's success derives from our collaborative workstyle. Our tight-knit teams are experts at developing and executing our business strategy, through clear and frequent communication with stakeholders.

We communicate performance regularly with solution-based plans, based on proactive investment and asset management. Our acquisition processes are responsive to market trends and guided by our past experiences.

Integrated Teams
We believe in the power of collaboration across our entire vertically integrated platform. Our success derives from individual ownership of each project.

Responsive to market trends and guided by our past experiences

Join Our Group of Dynamic Real Estate Professionals
We have built our team of talented and dedicated individuals from a multidisciplinary range of backgrounds.

Our organization thrives on teamwork and communication. We are committed to providing high levels of responsibility and challenging career opportunities to our entire team.

Contact us today to learn more about available openings.

Interested in a career with Creative Real Estate. 
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Our Culture

We often get asked, “What makes CRE different?” or, “What is CRE's competitive advantage?” The answer is simple: our people! Darryl Waters' vision for the CRE is a beautiful machine of great people who help us execute our wealth strategy for our investors. 

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