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Residential Buildings

Multifamily Investment 

Top Asset Class for 40 Years

Our Strategy

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Value-Add Multifamily Investment In Focus

When applied correctly, value-add multifamily investing can deliver excellent risk-adjusted investment returns to accredited investors. Our experienced team of asset managers, designers, project managers, and property managers have perfected this investment strategy over years of experience, which we execute with precision and professionalism, to drive extraordinary strategic value above market returns for our investors.


  • Our funds raise capital to invest in Class B & C multifamily workforce apartment properties across U.S. secondary and tertiary markets.

  • We believe this segment of real estate covers the three major concerns in investing: Safety, Security and Profit.

  • We are vertically-integrated with all aspects of our business in-house, which lowers our costs and allows us to pass on savings to our residents without jeopardizing returns to investors.

  • We only pursue assets that fit our investment criteria and underwrite at ~20% IRR* net to investors.

  • Our typical hold period is 60 months.

  • Our exit strategy is to sell our assets to a controlled REIT at market price.

Building Construction

We work with the Investors 

At Creative Real Estate we use the very latest technology that to analyze every aspect of the investment location, and upside potential with a single goal in mind: to better serve investors by seeking to achieve outsized risk-adjusted returns and provide a transparent, seamless, and engaging user experience.

How We Select Properties 

Residential Building
Local Growth Drivers 

We seek properties in areas experiencing local job growth drivers such as increasing corporate relocations or landmark construction.


CRE is an investment firm focused on acquiring, managing, and developing multifamily communities in major, growing US markets.


We leverage the vast CRE business network to source “off market” properties to strategically purchase below their real market value. With due diligence and smart financing, we create the potential for a high level of profitability for you, and meaningful, long-lasting impacts for the communities.


Our asset management company, Management and Beyond, is responsible for the operation and management of the properties after construction. This includes everything from sustaining great living environments that attract and retain tenants at maximum occupancy, to responsibly increasing rents while also controlling maintenance costs, to preserving the property’s systems, function and appearance. It is one of them most important parts of our vertical integration as it ensures the optimal use of the development so we can improve cash flow and protect the value of your investment.


This is when we put down the pens and pick up the hammers. Our construction company, Vision Builders, plans, oversees and performs the construction, renovations and improvements on the acquired assets. Maintaining control of the timeline and budget allows us to protect and maximize your investment.


Our investor relations team members guide you through every phase of the investment, from creating the investment model best suited you your profile, through to providing information on asset acquisition, enhancements and property management, to distribution of returns on your investments. They quickly respond to your inquiries and provide frequent updates and transparent account statements as they stay in direct communication with Vision & Beyond head office.

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